MF magizne Love Letters

Love master Donald Crumpit

Dear, Donald

I have laughed at the girls who write in for advice ,but i never thought I would be one of them. I'm caught between the love of my life and my best friend. I've already given up her and her boyfriends location to the love of my life who is too busy hounding for her to notice the perfect girl standing in front of him. Now were in a magic forest and hes planing on leaving me too the beast. My best friend will be killed if she doesn't marry Demetrius or become a nun what should i do. sincerely ; Athenian mutt

Donald Crumpit

Plan A and B

plan A:

Step 1: Make Demetrius lose his way in the woods.step 2:Find a dangerous beast in the woods make sure it something with: horns, sharp teeth, and large claws.step 3: Set said beast on Demetrius step 4: Rescue Demetrius from the the monster in some heroic fashion. The pros to this plan are Demetrius will be indebted to you. The cons are Demetrius and you may die.

plan B:

step 1: Find your friend and separate her from her lover put animal blood on the ground and say Demetrius has slain him. step 2: Force to go to Athens and become a nun that way when Demetrius and her bf catch wind of your lie she will be untouchable. pros to this plan are Demetrius will no longer be hounding after Hermia and will settle for you. The Cons are he may hate you even more.