Young Inventor

-Wyatt Barrier-


When I was 10 I made my first machine, it was a gum ball machine. When I first had the idea for it I didn't known much about making stuff like it, so I just went with what I could think of and already knew. Eventually after trying to make it several times and failing I found that legos worked the best for this kind of stuff. Then I was able to make the a working gum ball machine. It used gravity to function COMPLETELY, so it doesn't use electricity. My gum ball machine was complete.


After I made the working gum ball machine V.1 I started to make upgraded versions of it. At v.7 the gum ball machine made it to its alpha version (as best as can be) and I decided to start working on things like an RC car, a mini soda machine and a smart car. The gum ball machine started it all.