mLearning K-12

Exploring Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is on the rise in Alberta classrooms! Let's explore a few fantastic apps that can be used within mLearning!

1. Polleverywhere:

What is it: Polleverywhere is a live audience participation app that allows the facilitator to collect instant feedback from participants at anytime and any place.

How can it be used: It can be very useful within the classroom when a teacher wants to receive anonymous feedback to a posted question. It allows students to be engaged by actively calling them to participate.

2. Math Quiz For All Ages

What is it: Math Quiz For All Ages is an app that quizzes students on basic math skills. I can be used on the iPhone and is readily available for purchase on the iTunes store.

How it can be used: This app is especially useful for students who may be struggling in math, or who are in need of basic review. Its accessibility makes it a top choice for educators, because it is simple to use and easily accessible for students.

3. Mobl21

What is it: Mobl21 is an app that allows educators to make their notes and lessons as well as study guides, quizzes, and flashcards accessible on a mobile device.

How it can be used: This is a very useful app in that students are able to have access to lessons and notes on their mobile device. Learning is flexible and therefore, the student can review class materials any time and any place, as long as they have access to their device.

4. Reading Bear

What is it: Reading Bear is a wonderful website that is designed to help children learn how to read. It boasts over 1200 vocabulary items and over 50 presentations that students can explore.

How it can be used: It can be used both within and outside of the classroom to gage the level of reading competency a student is at. Additionally, Reading Bar can be used a a fun alternative for students to use within they homes.

5. Socrative

What is it: Socrative is a highly useful app that allows students to respond to questions asked by the teacher by way of using their mobile devices.

How it can be used: It can be used effectively to review for tests or quizzes, or for general end of lesson review. It gages student's understanding of the material, as they can express their comprehension using their device. It also promotes discussion within the classroom, as students can relay their concerns or questions to the teacher.

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