Ms. Grenadier's Class Newsletter

September 5th - September 16th

Hi I'm Elizabeth Grenadier, your child's World Cultures and English Language Arts teacher. Every two weeks I send home a class newsletter with events from the week, shout outs to students, and project progress updates.

ELA Project Progress: Life Graph

This week students finished creating their life graph and began making their project key. The project key explains the meaning of each symbol the students put on their life graph and the importance of that event to their life.

I was truly amazed by all of the students' focus and persistence in creating and editing their keys. Every single student made great progress and used their time wisely.

Finished keys are due on Monday, Sep. 19th for a major grade. Grades for this project will be posted by Wednesday, September 21st.

I cannot wait to read the finished project keys. Your students have some amazing experiences and stories to tell!

World Cultures Project Progress: Fire Escape Finished!!

Your amateur cartographers have done it! Last Monday, students finished up drawing the building to scale and adding their map features (key, scale, title, labels, and compass). Grades for this project will be posted by Tuesday, September 20th.

Last Wednesday, we reviewed our knowledge of map features and dove into our next project. Our next project is called, create your own territory. During this unit students will learn...

1. How to use latitude and longitude to describe and find locations.

2. The ways in which latitude influences climate.

3. The ways in which tectonic plates shape land forms and types of land forms.

4. The ways in which location can influence culture.

5. The role of culture in survival.

6. Teamwork! Your student will complete this project with a partner.

For a full schedule of the project, please go to

Learning Longitude and Latitude

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