Mother's Refuge

Provides a safe place for homeless pregnant teens.


-Provides a safe house for homeless pregnant teens and their babies.

-Provides food, access to medical care, and education.

-Has a community learning center to learn computer skills or do homework.

-Offers parenting and infant classes.

-Gives young women the opportunity to learn household responsibilities like planning and cooking meals and cleaning the house.


To be accepted into Mother's Refuge, you must:

-Be a pregnant woman 21 years or younger.

-Continue your education when in the program.

-Attend church on Sundays (a faith and church of your choosing).

-Be smoke, alcohol and drug free.

Who Funds Mother's Refuge?

Mother's Refuge is funded mainly by public support. Donations come from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches, and various grants.

How might you or someone else be able to help this organization further it's mission?

I would help raise money/Gift cards. They need baby items such as diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper bags...etc. They also need Christmas Gifts such as warm clothes, and house items to get ready to get a house and raise a child.

What is this Group/organization's mission?

It's for teen women to get help getting back on their feet after they had a baby.

Other Important Information

-Each year, they provide about 4,000 beds a night for mother and baby.

-They serve more than 10,000 meals and snacks a year.

-The babies use more than 12,000 diapers per year.

-Most residents come from the Greater Kansas City Area.

-The young mother can stay until her baby is one year old.

What Are Some Volunteer Options?




-office help

-house sitting

-maintenance, plumbing, and repairs

-yard work


-donating funds

Contact Information


Phone Number: (816)-353-8070 (office)

(816)-356-4797 extention 2 (admissions)

Address: 14400 E. 42nd st, South Independence, Mo, 64055