Nifty Nifty 1850s

By Sarah Motsenbocker and Chloe Want

society speaks out against slavery

    March 20, 1852
    American Slavery by Harriet Beecher Stowe's including Uncle Tom's Cabin, has been published. This work of anti-slavery in response to the Fugitive Slave Act is selling more than seen before. More than a million copies have been sold this year. Speaking against slavery, Stowe has shed some light for society.

major population growth

The United States Census has concluded that the population of the United States to be 23,191,876. That is a increase of 35.9% over the amount from the 1840 Census, this being 17,069,453. The total population includes 3,204,313 slaves of the total. They are now, for the first time ever, trying to get information of the members of the house hold for future reference.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


Stephen A. Douglas has proposed The Kansas-Nebrask Act. Mandating settlers of a certain territory to decide whether slavery should be permitted within a new state’s borders. This bill revoked the Missouri Compromise’s use of the coordinates as the boundary between slave and free territory. Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery have massive concerns and disagreements, the violence continues.

Road to Peace

The division over slavery in different areas gained in the Mexican-American has created The Compromise of 1850. This admits laws b California being a free state, as well as creating Utah and New Mexico territories making it so those territories can chose slavery or not (popular sovereignty). This made the settlement of Texas-New Mexico boundary dispute in the former’s favor, ending the slave trade in Washington, D.C., and making it easier for the southerners to recover fugitive slaves.