Human Rights

By Eric T.

Things you should Know

 For the Human Rights i Am going to use chinas one child policy as a example apperantly this one child policy is going to end but i am not going to talk about that i am going to talk about how this takes away peoples human rights and how it isnt really fair first thing is that this is taking away our right to live by forced abortion and things like that someting i found interesting is that if you have a girl you can have a second kid but i wonder what will happen if that second kid is a girl as well? will they be allowed to keep trying or what. something that suprised me greatly is how many people in china agree with this because there are allot of people in china they say "Too many people" and they come up with this one child policy.

Information on the One Child Policy

In this paragraph i am going to give you allot of information on the subject i am going to quote wikiedia it said "The One Child Policy is the Population Control  policy of the Peoples Republic Of China (PRC). It restricts urban couples to only one child, while allowing additional children in several cases, including twins, rural couples, ethnic minorities, and couples who are both only children themselves. In 2007, according to a spokesperson of the Committee on the One-Child Policy, approximately 35.9% of China's population was subject to a one-child restriction. The Specail Administrative Regions  of Hong Kong and Macau are exempt from the policy. Also exempt from this law are foreigners living in China" You Know that paragraph really tells you something that there really isnt that big of a change this policy started in 1978 by the chinese government the government says that it prevented 250 million births think about that