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Hybrid Learning Starts the week of April 19th

The governor's order from March 5, 2021 mandates that secondary schools begin to offer hybrid learning no later than the week of April 19th, 2021. The first day that students will be on campus is Thursday, April 22nd. Those students will be part of Cohort B. (The cohorts are explained in the next section.) We will still offer Comprehensive Distance Learning for those students and families that prefer to finish out the year in distance learning.

We are excited to have students returning and we have a lot of work to do to get all of the logistics worked out for a smooth start.

We will have strict safety and health protocols in place to keep our students, staff, and families safe and healthy.

Daily Schedule for Hybrid Learning

Students will either come to school on Monday and Tuesday if they are in cohort A or Thursday and Friday if they are in cohort B. On the other days, students will learn remotely. Students whose class schedule contains periods 1 - 9 are in cohort A. Students whose class schedule contains periods 21 - 29 are in cohort B.

Live in-person school hours are from 8:10 am - 12:00 noon. The morning bus schedule will be very similar to the bussing schedule in the past. Hybrid learning does not start until the 4th Quad so most students have 3 classes plus advisory. The students will attend all of their classes and advisory, then there will be grab-and-go lunches available and students will leave for the day. There will be online tutoring available during 8th period when all students can access support remotely.

The "Bell Schedule" for Hybrid Learning is linked here. It is a draft and may be altered slightly before classes start.

Hybrid Learning Model

Students at school and at home will be learning concurrently. The students at home will still be using Zoom. The students at school will interact with their teacher and classmates that are in person and they will be able to interact with their remote classmates over Zoom.

During the days that students are at school, they will have some opportunities to do hands-on learning such as working with ceramics, doing science labs, and other interactive learning activities.

Supplies for Hybrid Learning

Students will need masks for in-person instruction. If a student forgets their mask, we will have masks available. Students will also need a charged Chromebook and a charging cord. We will have Chromebooks available for daily checkout if a student forgets their Chromebook or if it needs to be replaced due to a malfunction. This list of school supplies is suggested not required. We will also have some basic school supplies available. School supplies will not be shared.

Calendar - School Days

Our teachers will need a few days to set up their classrooms and to be trained in all of the safety and health protocols for hybrid learning. To do this we are going to have to change the school calendar. We will not have school on April 16 - 21. April 16th was already a grading day/quad prep day. We are now going to have inservice days April 19 - 21st. We are canceling the scheduled conference days on April 26, 27. Students will be attending school and learning remotely on April 26 and April 27.

These school calendar changes will come before the school board on April 7th. These changes are not official until they are approved by the school board. The new calendar will not change our graduation date or the ending date of the school year.


Our seniors will have a graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 10th. We just received guidance from the Oregon Department of Education regarding graduation ceremonies on Friday, March 19th. We also need to follow County Sector Guidance regarding the size of crowds for graduation. Within these constraints, we are certain that we can have a meaningful, celebratory, and safe graduation ceremony that honors all of our graduates.

We will have the best graduation ceremony for our students that is possible. We have included several students in our graduation planning. We will continue to meet with our senior class on a monthly basis to keep them informed about the upcoming senior events. We will also publish this information on our website regularly. We will also send out messages via Blackboard Connect to senior families and juniors graduating early. When we have the numbers of tickets or audience members per student we will send out a mailing with the information that is needed.

Complete the Hybrid Learning Survey - We need your help

Thank you if you have already completed the survey. If you haven't completed the Hybrid Learning Survey, it's fast and easy to do. There are only three questions. You can complete it in English, Spanish, or Russian. We need this information in order to route busses, plan grab and go lunches, and all sorts of logistical matters.