Amazing Ants

By Stella Stavrakos


Ants are hard workers. Ants sleep a lot, work for a long time, and collect their food. Ants work very hard every day they even work harder then humans most of the time.


Ants sleep a lot. Ants sleep standing up.They take 250 naps per day. You might be thinking, "they take 250 naps per day!" However, their naps actually take one minute and that's five hours per day.


Ants work for a long period of time. Ants work everyday for 19 hours. They work 0.85 joules per day. When ants work, it's like people carrying a rock for 12 hours and not stopping.


Ants do alot of things with their food. That change their food into fungus. They also, gather food while they are working. They eat fungus. Ants revive other ants, and they have the other ants or other insects to help them gather food or help work.


Ants have a lot of facts about them. They are hard workers, they sleep a lot, and they do a lot of different things with their food.