Bradley West, Dec. 9, 2015

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Make an account if you have not already...

To create an account on the PRC navigate to the PRC ( and follow the instructions below.

1) Click on the “Human” icon in the upper right of the PRC

2) Click “Create account”

3) Fill in the information required, marked with a “*” red asterisk. a. E-mail address b. Password c. Password confirmation d. First Name e. Last Name f. Where you teach

4) Educators from PARCC Member organizations will see an optional new field open to enter a “PARCC Member Code.” Illinois’ code is IL1818

5) Check the box after reading the “Terms of Use” and “User Generated Content Disclaimer” 6) Click “Create new Account”

You will be automatically logged into the PRC and an email will be sent to the address provided confirming registration.

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Tutorials for Students- (cannot use Chrome browser)

1. TestNav 8 Tutorial- 11 questions

2. Online Student Tutorials for ELA- 15 questions

3. Online Student Tutorials for Math- 20 questions

4. Practice with Equation Editor- tip page to review with students and 3 questions

5. Equation Editor Tutorial- 7 questions

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Training Modules for Computer Based Testing: Testing Admin. (Spring is not available yet)

This will come later. You will have an email sent to you from Pearson to activate your account.
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Resources to understand PARCC from ISBE
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Archived: Fall Assessment Newsletter