About ME!



A nickname they call me is Seb

My hometown is Livingston

When I have a day all to myself, I love to stare at a mirror for hours

The movie I laughed the hardest at was Dumb and Dumber

Some more about me!

I only use 1 pillow to sleep with at night

A word or phrase that i use all the time is "Like"

My favorite musical artist group is Korn

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My favorite ice cream is Vanilla

My typical bedtime is 3:00 AM

One quality that makes me unique is to remain calm/happy during the most dire situations


My best friend would say that my best quality is not being too serious

My best subject in school is Science

My worst subject in school is Math

The animal that is most like me is a cat because I'm always relaxed

If i could own any car in the world it would be the Mercedes-Benz

My best feature is my physical appearance

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I feel more comfortable by myself rather than a large group of people

One thing people don't know about me is I'm a different person every time I meet someone new. I can be loud, quiet, serious, or annoying

When I daydream I think about my future

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My best family memory is having a family picnic at the park

Spending a day at an art museum would be fun

If I could visit any city in the United States, it would be Hollywood so I can get autographs.

Just a few more facts!

The best vacation I ever took was going to Winter Wonderland

The worst vocation I ever took was staying at home

If i could build anything in the world, it would be a robot that does my chores


Something that keeps me awake at night is constant thoughts running across my mind

Something I enjoyed as a child was going outside and swimming in the pool for many hours

My favorite sport to watch is soccer

Almost done (I promise)

My favorite book is Among the hidden

The season I love most is Spring

My favorite holiday is Halloween


The silliest person I know is my sister

I prefer the outdoors

The best present anyone can give me is taking me to the mall and letting me any clothes I want