Organic Food- Is It Worth Buying?

by Stephanie Robles, Magdalene Ho, & Samantha DeGeorge

Background Info

  • Organic food is food that is grown and doesn't use harmful, synthetic pesticides

  • Pesticide- a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals

Effects on the Environment

  • Organic farming impacts the food chain in humans

  • If cows consume organic grass then the cows will have the organic grass inside them

  • The cows would be eaten by humans, and the cows would be organic

  • Organic food & farming also has an impact on the soil and the way it is used to grow crops
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Controversy about pesticide chemcials...

  • Studies say that if organic crops are sprayed then they do not deserve the label "organic"
  • Pesticide sprays are toxic when sprayed on crops, causing danger to people and animals that eat the plant and the living things around it
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Why people think that it IS worth buying

Organic food...

  • Does not harm as much soil because of natural farming methods (that have been used since forever)

  • Natural and won’t lead to any health concerns

  • Pesticides used can cause cancer and asthma

  • After WWII pesticides started being used- relatively new still (who knows what the long term effects are)

  • Can cause harm to young children in organs because they are still developing

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Why people think it is NOT worth buying

Organic food...

  • Is too expensive
  • Takes longer to produce because of the lack of pesticides protecting the crops from pests, etc.
  • Organic foods use natural pesticides, but they are not as effective as synthetic pesticides that non organic food uses
  • People don’t think there is much of a difference between organic food and non organic food and therefore don't buy it


In order to help the price decrease, more people need to buy organic food. If this scenario occurs, then the organic food industry will have more money being put into it that it can use to produce more crops.

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