CWES Staff News

Week of Feb 8-12, 2016

In the Know....

  • Welcome Lyndsey Petitti starting Monday as our newest 2nd grade team! She is coming from FLA but is grew up here in Roswell. Please join me in helping her become a member of our staff. Karen Smith will continue as a sub but will be working with our EIP students until we find a certified teacher. Thank you Karen for your support in 2nd grade!
  • BINGO was a huge success on Friday night. Great turn out. Thank you to all that came to play, I even had a few of you bring your spouses, boyfriends and families as a "date night"! Student Council and PTO, thank you for a great night!
  • Leadership on Tuesday at 3.
  • Friday 2/12 will be a Teacher Professional Development Day. No students that day. Many of you will be attending the math training and others will be out of the building for various trainings. I will attach the training schedule. If you are not attending anything out of the building, I do not have plans for us as a staff but it is a great day to plan with your team, work in your rooms and catch up! Regular work hours are expected.
  • Please plan on attending a faculty meeting on Feb 16th.
  • Interested in being a Vanguard Member? we are one of the few schools that do not have any members. As we move into Personalized Learning, Id like to have some leaders help with this initiative and being a Vanguard Member is a great way to help support your peers and the initiatives. I know it is a lot of work but I will support you in the time you need to work towards this certification. :)
  • IST interviews will be on Thursday at the Admin building. I will be attending these all day on Thursday. I will keep you posted.
  • Supply Lists.... our budget will be a bit different this year so we will need to give a closer look at our student beginning of the year supply lists for next year. How can we cut back on a few items and maybe combine the boy/girl. I will discuss with Leadership this week.
  • Hallways..... . Continue to work on hallway behavior, they are doing a great job. ... students need to be quiet in the hallways as they walk with you in the halls or without you. Since teaching and learning is our#1 priority, we need to be respectful of others in classrooms as we are traveling in the hallways. Thank you for supporting each other and the efforts to keep the hallways quiet for classroom learning.
  • Share your good stuff!!! Id love to add it to my staff news. Lets share the Good Stuff about your peers, what you are doing or what students are doing!!
  • No school on Monday 2/16. Enjoy the much needed day! Take some time for yourself!

Have a great week!

Waffle House in the HOUSE!

Please enjoy BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH.....

on Tuesday 2/9 during your lunch time.

Sponsored by the admin team and Waffle House.

ONE LAST CALL for INTENT forms....




Thank you to Anita and her TEAM for observing, compiling and celebrating our TOTY and POTY! the celebration was a wonderful way to validate and value all that you do , continue to do and ALWAYS do!

thank you again and CONGRATS to our winners.

SEED FUND update

Our Seed fund proposal was approved for the next round which includes an interview session. The interview will be held next week on Feb 8 from 12-1 with the Fulton County Foundation. Myself, Anita , Kristie Elliott and Marilee Hamilton (our SGC chair) will be attending. This is where we will have to answer a strategic set of questions to expand on our Seed Fund proposal. As you know the seed fund proposal supports our future PBL initative. We will know on Feb 12 if we have been gratend any additional funds for the proposal. This would include- A full time PBL coordinator to help support teachers, materials and training.

Way to go SGC for all the hard work that is paying off!!

My schedule this week:

Monday - AM in classrooms/ PM seed fund presentation (Buckhead)

Tuesday- AM in classrooms-in building all day

Wednesday- AM in classrooms/ PM meeting off campus

Thursday- out all day- IST interviews (Powers Ferry)

Friday- in building all day

** daily calendar posted outside my door.

Looking Forward........ Personalized Learning Committee will be visiting

- A FC Personalized Learning Committee will be visiting our school on Feb 17 from 8-10. I will give you more details later but this is a day and time to showcase what you are doing with technology in your classes and with your students.

Did your team Win??? Although the Steelers were not in the Super Bowl....I hope you had a good time watchin the game!

Thank you for all you do! I am so proud to be your principal!!! #ibelieveinyou!