I Am Me

By Kiara Gutierrez


Over the summer me and my best friend val were modeling for Deb. It was at the neshanimy mall. I had so much fun picking out clothes and getting my hair and makeup done. That was the highlight of my summer.


I like to act in our schools drama club. This year i would like to take the lead. Its fun hanging out with my friends in drama and getting a good laugh.


In the school year i will start to babysit. Over the summer i took a babysitting class. I will be babysitting my baby brother. He is only one years old. I cant wait to earn money.


This year i am putting a lot of effort into my projects and class work in school. I signed up for student council this year so i can work at the school store. Also I have every class with my best friend Val.


I am a soprano with my friend Val. That means i can sing really high. I love singing. Also we have concerts and i like to dress up for them.