Moises Cancinos

Buoyant Force

For an object float, the upward buoyant force= the downward gravitational force

~ the upward force caused by water or air resulting in a floating object

Abbreviation: Fb

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Air or Water Pressure

The outward force caused by contained water or air

Abbreviation: Fpress

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The force between two surfaces that works against motion

Abbreviation: Ff

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Air Resistance

The force between air and a surface that works against motion

Abbreviation: Far

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Normal Force

The force perpendicular to an object's surface that result in support

Abbreviation: Fn

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Tension/ elastic

A force caused by string, spring or rope resulting in strerching or pulling

Abbreviation: Fr, Fel

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Push/ Pull/ Grip


Weight is the force with which gravity attracts an object towards the earth. therefore, we consider weight as the gravitational force.

Abbreviation: Fg

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