Democracy on the goldfields 1850's

the Eureka Stockade

life on the goldfields

Life on the goldfields was difficult and tiring. The food was way different than what they were used to. When miners and their families were back home they ate fresh, healthy food, but while on the goldfields the food was fresh. The tools that they used on the goldfields were really different to the tools that we use today. Most tools they used were made out of wood or metal. The conditions of the environment were different all the time. The miners had to work in all the different conditions. If the miners needed to go somewhere they would have to walk on dirty, dusty grounds because there weren’t any proper roads to walk on.

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Miners and their families would only have a few things to eat because there weren’t any good shops like Coles and Woolworths. They would eat mutton and damper. Mutton is very old sheep. When you eat it, you feel like you have been chewing for hours. Damper is bread made from salt, flour and water. Damper and mutton was the only cheap thing that families could eat on the goldfields.

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The tools that miners used on the goldfields were used and made differently than the tools we use today. One tool that the miners used was a pan. A pan is a round, metal type bowl. Inside a pan there is a metal plate, which sifts the dirt out.