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Alice Keeler Add-Ons


When I was setting up Literature Circles for my class, I placed students into groups using the responses of a Google Form they filled out. But, I got thinking, how neat would it be for these groups to be filled out completely random if there were no preferences involved? Then, I read about written scripts for Add-Ons that Alice Keeler has created for teacher use that are really awesome! Alice Keeler is a Google Innovator and go-to for several G Suite for Education questions from Fresno, California. There are several script Add-Ons that she's created, but a below are a few of my favorites.

PDF My Folder

If you've ever wanted to print an entire folder of student assignments, you have been unable to do so. Until now, that is! Alice has written a script, known as PDF My Folder, that downloads all of the files (Google Docs, only) in a folder as PDFs. Then, once that folder is open on your computer, you can select multiple files and then print them all at once. A major time saver if you've every wanted to print a class set of Docs assignments!


When many students fill out a Google Form, their responses can get buried among the rows. For example, if you use a Google Form as a reflection sheet each week, or even for an opener, the responses may continue to build up and get lost. However, with the FilterRoster script Add-On, a tab will be created for each student, so you can easily monitor how each student responded to the Form, simply by clicking on their assigned tab.


This is the Add-On script I referred to in the Overview. If you're needing your class in groups of 4, 5, or any number, this Add-On can do it for you. The GroupMaker shuffles students into different groups each time. So, if you're in the middle of teaching and need them in groups, quickly dial up the GroupMaker. Then, if you need new groups shortly after, this Add-On script will take care of it. This will save you a significant amount of class time counting to 4 or 5 over and over!

Choose a Random Winner

We've all seen those posts on Social Media from a business that ask you to "Like" their post and "Share" it for chances to win a prize. Then, they use a program on the page to randomly select a winner. The Choose a Random Winner script Add-On does just that based off of submissions from a Google Form. You could use this to randomly select students to share out their thoughts, or as Alice suggests, as a way to select prize winners at a school event for filling out the Google Form.

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