The Falcon Community Newsletter

Volume 1 * Edition 13 * October 24, 2021

Principal's Corner

Falcon Community,

I want to thank you for your ongoing support! Tomorrow Monday, October 25 most likely will be a rainy day. Please encourage your student to stay away from the rain. We will have a plan in place to keep our students out of the rain.

Regarding COVID, we had a couple of COVID positive cases. We will continue enforcing our protocols to ensure everyone's safety. Please continue encouraging your students to wear their facemasks, this is truly making a positive difference at our school site.

Regarding academics, I would like to inform you that the second Progress Report will be sent home on Friday October 29, please encourage your students to continue trying their best in school. We will continue to offer Falcon Scholar - after school tutoring Monday to Thursdays from 3:20pm to 5:20pm in the cafeteria. We always have two to three teachers tutoring students. Students do not have to pre-register to attend tutoring, students may simply walk in. We will have Saturday Academy this coming Saturday, October 30 from 8:00am to 12:00pm in the cafeteria.

Regarding Climate and Culture, our school participated in boys/girls basketball, baseball and softball, and all of them represented our school with admirable courage. Most, if not all of our teams advanced to the semi-finals. Our softball and baseball teams won the 2021 Metro Conference MASL championship in the South Bay Division. We are super proud of our Falcons. On a different note, we will have a Spirit week this coming week (schedule attached below).

I hope you find our newsletter informative.

I hope you find our newsletter informative.

Thank you.


Luis Aparicio


Hilltop Middle School

Relator – Learner – Achiever – Analytical – Individualization

Assistant Principal's Reminders for Success!

Hello Falcon Families,

There are a few recurring topics below that we would like to address. We continue to make announcements in the morning regarding the topics below, but also ask that our best partners - families - also help in addressing these items at home.

Cellphones: The administrative team has allowed for a grace period and granted many reminders to students regarding the no cellphone use policy. Cell phones will be confiscated for parent pickup should students be caught having them out on campus. We also kindly ask that parents not text their students during school hours - any urgent messages can be relayed to your student by the main office.

PJ's to School: Pajamas are not considered to be acceptable school attire and will ask students to change into their PE clothing should they continue to bring pajamas to school. This is outlined on the student handbook and also aligns with the rest of the Sweetwater Union High School District schools' dress guidelines. The only exception would be for a school sponsored spirit day - which is coming up this Wednesday 10/27/21.

Hoodies: Sweatshirts with hoods are allowed to be worn on campus, but students may not wear the hood. For safety reasons, school staff needs to be able to easily identify students while on campus. Beanies and baseball caps are allowed as long as they are not pulled so far down that the student's face is difficult to identify.

Unsafe Practices: In general, we regularly remind our students to "do the right thing and be safe". Running, pushing, horseplay is not allowed and progressive consequences will be assigned.

We thank you for your continued partnership to ensure our Falcons are safe and successful.

Wellness Wednesday for the Week of 10/18

Wellness Wednesday Kindness- Positive Affirmations

Falcon Scholars

After School Tutoring

Hilltop Middle School's Next Site Covid Testing is on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

For additional testing sites coming up, see flyer below.
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Social Emotional Learning for Students

We continue to nurture, foster, and support our student's social emotional learning on a weekly basis through advisory. See the slides linked below for the latest topic addressed in class and engage your student in a conversation on how they are feeling being back at school and if they understand what it means to be socially aware.

October Spirit Week

Parents, please encourage your students to participate in our Spirit Week. This is a way on how to connect with our school and participate and unite our student body. I will be dressing up and participating during the entire week for I want to connect with my students. I truly appreciate your support. Thank you!
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600 Building Remodeling - New Science Classrooms

Hilltop Middle Clubs

Hilltop Middle Clubs Link

This link will take you to explore the different clubs we have currently at Hilltop Middle School. In the link, you will find information as to when and what time the clubs get together.

Behavior Expectations Presentation: