taj lolley

introduction paraghraph

Do you think you have the best pair of shoes? If you do check these out you may change your mind. Im going to explain to you what the best ones on the market are today.


air jordans

Air jordans are nice because there good for showing off and there the best when it comes down to style some air jordans are good for basketball like (spacejam 11's wolf grays and bugbunny's 5's) only a couple in the world though there really for style. Air jordans shoe's where a instant hit they have been the top selling signature shoe that nike has ever produced in addition air jordans are still the top selling pair of shoes.


Hyperfuse are for mainly basketball but i always see people (kids) where them for style but there made with extra strong grip for basketball to be able to manuever around the court with out slipping and help win the game. They come in diffrent style i have kowie irving's the ones he played in the allstar game i paid 275$ if your wondering they have lebrons style black and red there not that good mine are the best just saying. They come with three diffrent stages of material using a hotmelt process witch creates an unusualy sturdy shoe with superior breathabilty.


in conclusion,jordans and hyperfuse are the best shoe's money can buy. Jordans are the best for style. And hyperfuse are the best for basket ball. i wonder...what would it be like to have my own pair of shoe's