Hawk Highlights

November 20, 2020

Dear Families of the Hollys,

We miss you already, but we are determined to make remote learning engaging and consistent for students and families!!! While we would prefer to be with your children at school, I’m incredibly proud of how swiftly the Hollys have moved to remote teaching, learning and videoconferencing. We continue to make improvements to ensure students have access and success. We thank you for your patience. We appreciate your insights and feedback. Please continue to reach out to teachers and staff so we can better meet your needs.

As we consider safety in our online connection with students, there are some digital citizenship expectations for our community we need you to know. We are reviewing these expectations in virtual class meetings as well.

For Students and Staff:

· Participate, stay engaged in learning, connect with peers /school adults through virtual class meetings, and have fun!

· Ask questions. Make sure you understand what is expected and advocate for what you need to make this new experience a positive one.

· Remember that students’ posts and communications are permanent.

· If you are in a virtual class meeting, be mindful of what is behind you that others can see.

· School adults will be monitoring student to student communications. Be appropriate, be safe, and be kind in all your posts and communications.

· Report any cyberbullying to an adult.

For Family Members:

· If you use social media, only post photos of your own child and his/her work. Refrain from posting photos on social media that include faces or names of other students or the teacher.

· Do not record live virtual class meetings.

· Ask questions. Make sure you understand what is expected and advocate for what you need to make this new experience as positive as possible.

· Ask your child about the learning and how connecting online worked or didn’t work and communicate with the teacher or staff member.

· Report any cyberbullying to a teacher or staff member.

· Everyone is learning. We are all new at this! Give yourself, your child’s teacher and your child grace and patience to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding your child's remote learning experience, I encourage you to reach out directly to your child's teacher. We do not want families anxious or stressed during this already stressful time in our lives. We will modify and adjust remote learning demands to meet the individual needs of your family. One size does not fit all, so communicate, communicate, communicate.

My favorite part of each day is when I get to pop into virtual class meetings! Unifying staff and students through virtual class meetings is a top priority at the Hollys. Our students and staff members crave the connection. I, too, would love to stay connected with you and your children during this time. Students and families are welcome to send me an email, video, picture etc. and I will respond in a timely manner. Students and families can send me messages through See Saw, Google classroom or email mdrvenkar2@cherrycreekschools.org.

Together, the Hollys’ Hawks will S.O.A.R. in remote learning. S is for staying safe, O is for remaining open-hearted, A is for achieving and R is for practicing resilience. We have been exploring and developing these school values all year with the children. We already have the tools for success. Let’s do this! Here’s a link to a special message from your administrative team.

11/16/20 Hawks

At this time in the year, we pause to reflect on all things for which we are grateful. My heart is bursting with gratitude this Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for the families and friends of the Hollys. I’m grateful for our resilient students and staff. I give thanks for our PTCO and all of our wonderful volunteers. I give thanks for every moment I share with a child throughout the day in person and in remote learning. I give thanks for the enthusiasm, kindness and engagement in learning at the Hollys!

With gratitude,

Molly Drvenkar


From the Clinic

Flu season is upon us and getting your child immunized is one of the best ways to keep our children healthy! Eating well, getting adequate sleep and washing hands are also important during the next few months. If you need assistance with getting flu shots for your family, please do not hesitate to contact me as I have resources available.

How to Avoid Double Dosing on Medicines this Season

Cold and flu season has returned like clockwork. As you hit the over-the-counter aisle and prepare to combat runny noses and sore throats, remember to double check medicine labels so you don't accidentally double up on medicines containing acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a common drug ingredient and many of us use it to treat pain, fever, and cold and flu symptoms. It's safe and effective when used as directed, but taking more than directed is an overdose and can lead to liver damage. Learn more at: https://www.knowyourdose.org/

Jackie Lane, RN, BSN

School Nurse



Free Meals for Children 18 and Under

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Mondays are Hollys Spirit Days!

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A Message from Your Community

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