Computer Software.

Application Programs, Operating Systems & Standard File Form

Application Programs

This is a piece of software that it designed to serve a specific purpose or task.

EXAMPLES: Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Access, CorelDraw, Microsoft Powerpoint, OutLook.

Operating Systems

A operation system is a suite of programs that control the hardware & software running on the system.

The operating system is automatically loaded from your hard disk into the RAM when the computer is switched on.

EXAMPLES: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry, Mac/Apple, Fujitsu, IBM, Samsung, Atari, Google(Google Chrome OS), HP, OS X Mavericks, & Mac OS.

Standard File Form

Standard file formats allow data to be transferred between different computer platforms and also between different applications. A plain text file can be read by a word processor , a spreadsheet package & a database.

Examples: Text (.doc or .txt), ASCII, Rich Text Format (.rtf)