Human Body Corporation

The Liver (By: Mackenzie, Sabrina, Kat and Emily)

Physical Appearance and Location

Located below the ribs, and above the stomach.

Facts About Me

~ I process nutrients from food.

~ I get rid of toxins from the blood.

~ I build proteins.

~ I am the heaviest organ in the body.

~ I make bile. (Bile is a substance that turns fats into fatty acids.)

Facts About the Digestive Department

~ An adults stomach can hold about 1.5 liters of material.~ I inspect the nutrients before allowing them into the blood stream.~ Over 90% of digestion and absorbtion takes place in the small intestine.~ Hundreds of different kinds of enzymes are needed to properly digest food.~ Takes the whole digestive department to digest a glass of milk.

Other Facts

One of my co-workers is the esophagus. He is in charge of taking the chewed food from the mouth and transporting it to the stomach to be digested.

Why I Am Important

I am important to the Human Body Corporation because I produce the bile, which helps the stomach digest fatty acids, and I get rid of toxins. If I were to be laid off, the kidney would be overloaded with toxins, and I wouldn’t be able to assist him.

Consequences of Removing Me

If I were to be laid off, a disease called Jaundice would start to take form in the Integumentary system. Jaundice occurs when the body can not remove the toxins, and they start to build up. The bodys skin and eyes would turn yellow. If this is not properly treated, then the body would surely die. The toxins would also flow into the humans blood stream in the Circulatory Department, and the blood would not be healthy and filtered.

What Our Department Does

We break down food into smaller nutrients, and get rid of food waste.

Removal of My Department…

If the Digestive Department were to be removed, then the body wouldn’t be able to digest food properly, and the body would be overloaded with toxins that couldn’t be removed.

Removal of Another Organ

As a compromise, I suggest the removal of the glands in the Integumentary Department. Laying them off would only result in humans not releasing heat through sweat, not in potential death like ours could.

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