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Most Pandas live in high restricted mountain areas In the Bamboo forest in China.(Pandas)

The forest is misty throughout the year. The forest is also very dense. It is hard to spot Pandas(The Giant Panda,24). Since the Bamboo forest is starting to be cut down, Pandas are now endangered animals. Pandas do not defend where they live because they do not fight. Pandas have a habitat that is limited to a small part of the world.(Pandas 2)


Pandas have 4 legs. They move by walking. They usually go away at daytime to look for food (Panda Mania). The pandas roam around the forest. Cubs do the same thing once they are one year old. It is more difficult for the cubs to move because they are weaker than adult pandas and it is hard for them to push branches out of the way (Panda Mania). Pandas movement is similar to how most quadrupeds.
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Body Covering

Pandas have a chubby body with black and white fur. It also has a large white head and black ears (Panda 3). The fur is very soft. Pandas arms and legs are black and the rest of their body is white (Pandas). They also have black rings around there eyes (WikiAnswers). Pandas body covering makes them look adorable.
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Pandas are animals that love to eat. Pandas are omnivores. That means they eat meat and plants. However, Pandas love to eat bamboo (Panda Mania). Pandas end up having about 80 pounds of Bamboo after each day. Pandas stop eating in the day around night time because they need rest(Panda Mania). Pandas have an inefficient digestive system unlike other animals (Pandas 3). This is why they are so big.


The female panda gives birth every two or three to about 1 or 2 cubs. The mother usually eats for 10 hours a day but when the cubs are born the mama does not eat for a week. In that week she stays with her cubs and feeds them. She also needs to keep them warm.It carry the cubs by the back of the pandas neck.A new born baby is a size of a stick of butter. They reproduce sexually (Pandas Mania). Panda reproduction system is similar to other mammals.
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Pandas are very gentle and shy. They love to climb and play. (Pandas) Pandas have an extra thumb because it helps them climb and eat bamboo trees. This helps them survive in the forest. In the winter pandas know to go down the mountains to stay warm (Adaptations-BioWeb). Pandas have found different ways to adapt to their environment.

Other Info

  • Pandas are often called the white bear
  • Pandas grow up to be 5 to 6 feet
  • A life span for pandas is 18 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity
  • Scientists have not totally agreed that Pandas are bears
  • Scientific name for pandas is Ailuropoda
  • Once pandas are 6 years old they are ready to get a mate (Pandas)
  • Pandas are related to Red pandas (Pandas 2)

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