What's Happening in the Library?

March - April

Curious to know about the happenings in the library?

Check this blog monthly to read about the current inquiries in the library! Scroll down directly on this posting to read about what's happening in grades 2-5. (Check back soon for an update on K-1!)

5th Grade - Colonial Williamsburg

What was it like to live in Colonial Williamsburg, during the second half of the 1700s? 5th grade students will research the different components of life (trades, housing, philosophies, etc.) during this time period in America, and will apply this research to creating a character that lived during this time, writing a monologue that captures the voice and perspective of that character, to then be "performed" for fellow classmates.

4th Grade - Storytelling!

What is a story? Who tells a story? How does a person tell a story? We will be exploring these questions by finding different types of stories to tell, thinking about how we are storytellers, and learning how we can tell a story effectively.

3rd Grade - Pioneers!

What inspired famous pioneers in history to achieve what they were eventually able to accomplish? What kind of work did pioneers need to achieve in order to complete the journey? After studying different pioneers from history covering a variety of time periods and parts of the world, students will be focusing their research on the American pioneers who participated in westward migration, looking for new land and new opportunities.

2nd Grade - Cinderella Around the World

How do different versions of the story Cinderella teach us about different cultures? We will be reading Cinderella stories from around the world, noticing the differences in each story, analyzing how different cultures impacts the retelling. This exploration will lead to students eventually writing their own version of Cinderella!