figure drawing course

figure drawing course

figure drawing course

Each of the Lectures has a free counterpart which serves as a sample where you can safely assess whether the content and style of teaching suits your current needs, while offering a fair amount of tuition.

1. The Rib Cage
2. The Pelvis
3.The Upper Leg
4.The Knee
5.The Lower Leg
6.The Foot
7.The Shoulder
8.The Upper Arm
9.The Lower Arm
10.The Hand
11.The Neck
12.The Skull
13. The Facial Features

This is a series of free videos available as an extra resource. The content is about the common mistakes everyone learning figure drawing comes across. It serves as a shortcut in overcoming the mistakes. The videos often have a written part with photos published on the blog.

1. Massing
2. Arm part 01
Arm part 02
Arm part 03
3. Leg is not a straight line
4. Deceit of the Shoulder Girdle
5. The Loss of Volume

Series of videos demonstrating figure drawing workflow from conceprtion to finish. Each composition represents a project.

1. Composition 001 part 01
2. Composition 001 part 02

figure drawing feet