eBackpack in 7 Days

Master eBackpack in One Week!

eBackpack Day 1

Access eBackpack

You can access eBackpack in two ways. From the iPad app or from the web site. The web address for eBackpack is gracetyler.ebackpack.com

The App

Account: gracetyler

Username: first initial + last name

Password ******

The Web Site

Username: first initial + last name

Password ******


Your username is your first initial plus your last name, e.g., (Charlie Brown) cbrown. You have set your own password.

Recover Password

You must use the eBackpack web site to recover a forgotten password.

Go to gracetyler.ebackpack.com > click the Forgot your password link > enter your username (first initial + last name) > click the Reset My Password button.

eBackpack will email you a link to reset your password.


  1. Using your iPad, log into eBackpack.
  2. Using your computer, log into eBackpack.
  3. On your iPad, take a screenshot of eBackpack after you have logged in and email it to Christina.

Christina Jontra

Director of Digital Learning

Grace Community School