Jewish People Face Suffering and Starvation in Death Camps

Summary of Event

Adolf Hitler started the Concentration Camps when he became the ruler of Germany in 1933. Hitler started the Concentration Camps because he considered the Jews a threat to Germans. The Holocaust was 7 different camps across Germany and Poland. The Concentration Camps were brutal. At least 12,000 Jews were killed per day. After the Holocaust was over, over 6 million Jews were dead.


The Holocaust started with a guy named Adolf Hitler. Hitler hated the Jews because he thought they were a threat to Germany so he decided to get rid of them altogether. To get rid of them he started concentration camps and started to take the Jews out of their homes to the concentration camps for them to die. Concentration Camps were camps that were brutal (very violent), they didn't feed the people, they only got showers very rarely because sometimes they would trick you into thinking it was a regular shower but it was actually an acid shower that burned your skin and killed you. Over 6 million Jews died in the concentration camps, over 12,000 Jews died everyday. There was also other ways for them to kill you, put you in a gas Chamber, put you in an acid shower, heat stroke, dehydration, starvation, death walks; etc. The Concentration Camps were very difficult to stay alive in. Most people would just let them selfs die because they didn't want to go through the pain and misery. If you were a survivor of the Concentration Camps and the death walks you were very lucky. When the Holocaust was over 51% of the people survived.

Once the Holocaust was coming to an end on April 30,1945 Hitler killed himself. The Nazi soldiers started to send the Jews to the death marches. Over 375,000 people died in these marches. But when the survivors came home there families were gone and there non-Jewish neighbors were shunning them for being Jewish. In 1953 the German Government payed all the Jewish survivors back the money that was taken from them. It was the German's responsibility for the way the Jews were treated so they repaid them with all the money that was theirs.


"It was winter and the cold burned us; all the camp was flooded and
muddy. They took our winter clothes and in exchange gave us light
clothes that looked like striped pajamas." Jakob Blankitny, Holocaust Survivor

"As the German army pushed southward, taking over from the Italians,
all occupied Adriatic territory, I was suddenly again on the run and
in hiding. But this time I was not so lucky." Miroslav (Fred) Grunwald, Holocaust Survivor


  • About 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at that time were murdered in concentration camps.
  • Police acted as mobile killing forces.
  • Many Jews were tricked into getting in gas chambers instead of showers.
  • January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when people show respect for the victims.
  • One million children were killed because if they weren't they would become a whole new generation of Jews.


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