Washing Machines Improved Lifes

Women washings clothes by hand took so long time to wash

Definition: (Mechanical Engineering) a mechanical apparatus usually, powered by electricity, for washing clothes, linens etc.

Before the Industrial Revolution women had to wash clothes by hand, they took like 5 hours to finished it, they did not have time to go to any school, play with their children, had a family time.

washing clothes by hand before the Industrial Revolution

Women washings clothes by machine it take like 1 or 2 hours

After the Industrial Revolution people have time to spend with their families because, we have washing machine we wont have to worry to wash our clothes by hand. we have energy, electricity so, that means we have new machines that wash our clothes. Some people have washing machine and dryer machine in their home. Some others people have to go to the Laundry. In the laudry there are a lot of washing and dryers machines.Now we have time to play,hang out with our friends, have a family time, to do whatever we want.