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A Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. London's Class February 3-7

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week in language arts our phonics and spelling rule was the -schwa sound. We practiced this with poetry, decodable readers, word sorts and our spelling words. In grammar we reviewed pronouns and started learning about synonyms. In literacy centers we wrote about what we would do if we had one hundred dollars, filled in a hundreds chart, listened to a story on the iPad about the 100th day of school, reviewed singular and plural nouns, filled out a Venn Diagraph to compare and contrast winter and summer, and read a decodable reader that helped us review the long -e sound with the -ee and -ea pattern. In our reading groups, we practiced reading informational texts and retelling the main idea and details from the story. In writer's workshop we continued to write our rough draft for our first informational book "All About Matter."


In math this week we started Chapter 12 which is about number relationships and regrouping. Our math vocabulary is regroup and we explored regrouping, addition with sums to 20, addition with greater numbers, renaming numbers, and problem solving using a pattern. We also sorted and counted our 100 days of school collections and displayed them for our classmates to see!


This week we continued with our unit on matter. After reviewing what matter is, the three types of matter, and the properties of each we learned about how molecules are in each state of matter. After learning about what molecules are, I had a few children stand up and spread out around the room. We talked about how this represents a gas and how easy it was to maneuver through the "gas". I then had the rest of the class spread out around the room, demonstrating the liquid state. The class could once again maneuver around the room, but we talked about how it isn't as easy as it was before since the molecules are closer together. Next, I had the whole class come together and stand as one. The children realized that they could not move through the matter in a solid! After this activity, the students took cheerio's and used them to show the molecules in each state of matter! Finally, the students became "matter detectives" and made a list of all of the different types of matter they could find in the classroom. We then made listed all of the matter on a class chart!


Dear 1st grade parents,

This past week we worked on the letter מ (mem) and question words.

The students learned to recognize the letter, with its final form ם (mem sofit). We read a story, worked in our work books and used our vocabulary in conversation.

This week’s vocabulary:

מילון-dictionary (milon)

מילים-words (milim)

מלך- king (melech)

משפחה- family (mishpach)

שמש- sun (shemesh)

מים- water (mayim)

ים- sea, ocean (yam)

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies the students added a new story to their Torahs. We learned about Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph, and the coat that he received as a gift from his father. The students were very intrigued by this story and were full of questions! They are doing an awesome job building their Torahs.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Solmson

Weekly Note from Mrs. London

We started off our week back after the snow craziness with the 100th day of school celebration and all the students had a great day! Thank you to Shelley Gordon, Jennifer Margolis, and Lauren Baylin for volunteering with our morning activities! Also, thank you to Seth Marcus for coming in as our Mystery Reader! We look forward to our hands on science experiments about Matter next week!

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs. London

Important Dates

Friday February 14 - Monday February 17 - No School

Friday, February 21: Kabbalat Shabbat led by our class!