Can you solve the mystery?

"The Lost Colony"

In 1585 some settlers from England went on a voyage to Roanoke Island in the hopes of founding a colony. They landed safely and built a permanent settlement. This was the first settlement in the New World. They received shipment of supplies every year, but when the shipments stopped the colony was left on its own. After 3 years when the supplies returned again they saw that the colony was taken down and everything was deserted. The only clues was a piece of wood with the word Croatoan on it.

After Roanoke....


Jamestown was the first successful colony and was founded in 1607 when the English came over. The King of England sent the settlers to find gold and settle in the New World. It is located in Virginia, in the Southern Colonies. The settlers found a place near James River.


A group of people that were seeking religious freedom set sail on the Mayflower in 1620. They landed in Massachusetts which is in the New England colony. They named their colony Plymouth. Since the location that the landed was several hundred miles from where they were supposed to land the signed a contract called the Mayflower Compact. The Compact asked the people on board to accept the government they would create (they would govern themselves) and pledge allegiance to the King of England. Plymouth is famous for hosting the 1st Thanksgiving.


The Puritans were a group of people who wanted to make some changes to the Church of England, while the pilgrims wanted to change their religion entirely. The pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower, while the Puritans sailed another ship a few years after. They settled near Plymouth and eventually combined to form Massachusetts.

The New World

The New World consisted of the New England, Southern, and Middle Colonies.

  • The New England colony was very cold and was known for it's fish, blubber, and ships.
  • The Middle Colony was a great place for farmers. Its nickname was "The Bread Basket" because it produced so much wheat and other grains.
  • The Southern Colonies were known for its tobacco and indigo.

The Great Awakening

Was a religious movement where preachers and ministers wanted to reteach the importance of god. GEORGE WHITEFIELD and JONATHAN EDWARDS were famous preachers that contributed to the Great Awakening. After it all, there was a greater religious tolerance.

Columbian Trade

The Columbian Trade was the trade system that transferred fruits, vegetables, technology, culture, animals, plants, and ideas from the New World (New England, Southern, and Middle/ America) and the Old World (The world before America was discovered) Diseases were also spread through the products. It started after Columbus discovered America and happened over a long period of time.