Bucyrus Literacy Corner

Volume II, Issue 4, April 3, 2023


High school ELA teachers Shannon Henize and Terra Hamm along with literacy team members Dr. Brandie Bohney and Deb Daniel shared with the middle and high school 3rd-period Teacher Based Team (TBT) members the literacy strategies that they gathered during their recent virtual attendance at NCTE's national conference.

Click the links below to see a small sample of the great literacy projects and strategies that were shared. (These may load slowly.)

https://padlet.com/pd105/ncte-2022-overview-bucyrus-ela-department-vrbq64jxas4j6gev/wish/2496659184 (Creating Personal Canons)

https://padlet.com/pd105/ncte-2022-overview-bucyrus-ela-department-vrbq64jxas4j6gev/wish/2496777387 (Makerspace Poetry)

https://padlet.com/pd105/ncte-2022-overview-bucyrus-ela-department-vrbq64jxas4j6gev/wish/2496583838 (Multimodal Memoirs)

https://padlet.com/pd105/ncte-2022-overview-bucyrus-ela-department-vrbq64jxas4j6gev/wish/2496638969 (Student Self-Evaluation)

Hopefully, the teachers who attended the TBT meeting will be able to incorporate something that was learned into their own practice in order to benefit student literacy.

Our teachers, administrators, and literacy team members continue to work hard to help BCS students grow!

State and National Literacy:

What do recent studies conclude about the extra benefits of reading?


How can I help my child continue to learn at home this summer?


April is National Poetry month. What is the reason for setting aside a full month to celebrate reading and writing poetry? According to the National Poetry Month FAQ sheet at poets.org, here are the organization's goals:

  • to highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets

  • to encourage the reading of poems

  • to assist teachers in bringing poetry into their classrooms

  • to increase the attention paid to poetry by national and local media

  • to encourage increased publication and distribution of poetry books, and

  • to encourage support for poets and poetry.

The contributors at poets.org share many ways to celebrate during this special month:

  1. Sign-up for Poem-a-Day, curated this month by award-winning poet Naomi Shihab Nye, and read a poem each morning.

  2. Sign-up to receive a free National Poetry Month poster, featuring a line by 2021 Presidential Inaugural Poet and 2017 National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, or download the PDF and display it for the occasion.

  3. Read 2021’s most-read poem by a contemporary poet, Amanda Gorman’s “In This Place (An American Lyric).”

  4. Record yourself reading a poem, and share why you chose that work online using the hashtag #NationalPoetryMonth. Be sure to tag @poetsorg on Twitter and Instagram!

  5. Subscribe to the Poem-a-Day podcast.

  6. Check out an e-book of poetry from your local library.

  7. Begin your virtual meetings or classes by reading a poem.

  8. Talk to the teachers in your life about Teach This Poem and encourage students in grades 5-12 to participate in the Dear Poet project.

  9. Learn more about poets and virtual poetry events nationwide.

  10. Read about your state poet laureate.

  11. Browse Poems for Kids.

  12. Buy a book of poetry from your local bookstore.

  13. Make a poetry playlist.

  14. Browse the glossary of terms and try your hand at writing a formal poem.

  15. Create an online anthology of your favorite poems on Poets.org.

  16. Organize a poetry reading, open mic, or poetry slam via a video conferencing service.

  17. Sign up for a poetry class or workshop.

  18. Donate books of poetry to little free libraries and mutual aid networks.

  19. Research and volunteer with poetry organizations in your area.

  20. Take a walk and write a poem outside.

  21. Start a virtual poetry reading group or potluck, inviting friends to share poems.

  22. Read and share poems about the environment in honor of Earth Day.

  23. Take on a guerrilla poetry project.

  24. Read essays about poetry like Edward Hirsch’s “How to Read a Poem,” Mary Ruefle’s “Poetry and the Moon,” Mark Doty’s “Tide of Voices: Why Poetry Matters Now,” and Muriel Rukeyser’s “The Life of Poetry.”

  25. Watch a movie, lecture, or video featuring a poet.

  26. Write an exquisite corpse or a renga with friends.

  27. Make a poetry chapbook.

  28. Share a poem for Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 29, 2022, on social media using the hashtag #PocketPoem.

  29. Attend Poetry & the Creative Mind on April 28, 2022, a free, virtual reading of favorite poems in celebration of National Poetry Month.

  30. Make a gift to support the Academy of American Poets free programs and publications and keep celebrating poetry year-round!

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