Ocean and Climte- The Odd Couple

The different but dynamic duo

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Whats the big idea?

While it may sound strange, ocean currents and climate are very closely linked. The sun is our main source of power and heat, but how does our planet acquire that solar power? Our planet absorbs it. So why the ocean? Keep in mind that our oceans cover over 70% of our world, and generally being darker, it will absorb much more than the continents. Not only that, the ocean stores that solar energy absorbed. That heat is then transferred by winds over the ocean's surface and then released as precipitation causing an increase in temperature in the atmosphere.

Other Questions

1. How do ocean currents produce or affect tsunamis?

2. Do the tides affect the currents?

How does if affect out daily lives?

This affects the weather, which affects what we wear and a lot of times our mood.

By: Salvatore Zanelli