The government of the ancient Mesopotamians was an unusual form of government. There was a king and nobles who made the law and declared war and decided how to honor the gods.


As they learned how to grow them, the people of the Mesopotamia area planted and grew wheat, barley, dates, cucumbers, onions, apples and many different herbs and spices. They also raised sheep goats and cattle. Thus a civilization grew along the two rivers.


The land of Mesopotamia did not have a lot of natural resources.So, to get the items they needed the Mesopotamians had to trade.


was the god of the sun and justice in Mesopotamian mythology. Its main sanctuary was in the city of Sippar.1 was local god of Babylon (other names Marduk or Merodach) was elevated to supreme god

art / wake of vultures

After initial conflict between them would have been resolved by arbitration of the king of Kish, Meslim, years later a new king of Umma, Akurgal, who have distinguished themselves in the construction of temples and canals, he would have resumed the war. Then, as told in the wake, the son of the king of Lagash, Eannatum, defeated the king of Umma, which would have made Lagash in a hegemonic position in Sumeria.

culture / mesopotamia

The term refers mainly to this area in ancient times it was divided into Assyria, Babylon north and south. Babylon (also known as Chaldean), in turn, was divided into Acadia (upper part) and Sumeria (lower part) .1 Its rulers were called patesi.

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