Dante Alighieri

By Luke Pavao

Birth and Life

Dante was born in Florence, Italy in the year 1265. He spent most of his life in Florence and Bologna, Italy. He learned about philosophical culture and the "perfect literary style". Life for Dante was chaos in the beginning. During his early life, Dante witnessed two different factions fighting each other. On the positive side, Dante was also writing at this stage in his life.

Dante's Profession

Dante was a poet. Two that poems he wrote were, "Vita nuova" and "The Divine Comedy". His patrons were most likely people who were rich enough to afford literature.

The Divine Comedy

This is an excerpt from "The Divine Comedy", Dante's most famous piece. It was created in 1321. Nowadays, you can find a translated version at a book store, or on the internet.
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"The Divine Comedy", It's Significance, and Interests

The Divine Comedy was significant do to the fact that it used a writing style called terza rima, a poetic style we use today. Why do I find this piece interesting? Well, the piece shows how people depicted hell back then. It also showed humanism through religion. I didn't know it could be done!

Humanism and "The Divine Comedy"

"The Divine Comedy" shows humanism. This is because it shows how far humans would go to see their loved ones. In the story, Dante went through all of the circles of hell to see Beatrice in heaven after he found her dead.