Peter's Summer 2015


Canada's Wonderland

Over the summer I went to Canada's wonderland a couple of times. Each time I went, I have gone with my Mom or/and my older brother. Each time I went I have gone on almost all the rides and the best ride in my opinion was the Leviathan or the slingshot which I went with my older brother and we got really scared because we didn't know what to expect.


Friday, Sep. 4th, 12-3pm

Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto, ON


Over the summer I played soccer for Bowmanville eastside Marios. I scored I think around 2 goals and a a lot of a assists too. While I was playing a game I was going for a long shot then I fell cause someone pushed me then they stepped on my arm and it snapped in 3 places.

Broken arm

Over the summer my arm was broken while I was playing soccer. I had to have it for 6 or 8 weeks I don't remember.

The Beach

When I went to the beach I went with all of my family and a few friends. I had a really good time but I couldn't swim because I had a broken am at the time.