Health & Wellness

The SPS Wellness Plan promotes Healthy People 2020's goals

Best Possible Heath

  • One of Healthy People 2020's goals is to "promote the best possible health in order to end preventable death, illness, injury, and disability."
  • SPS encourages this by putting fat limits, sugar limits, calorie limits, and sodium limits on all foods served in schools.

Eliminate Health Disparities

  • Healthy People 2020 expresses the desire to "eliminate health disparities."
  • SPS promotes this by providing health education to all students regardless of grade level.

A Way of Life

  • Another goal of Healthy People 2020 is to "make wellness a way of life and enhance quality of life for individuals and communities."
  • SPS contributes to this by encouraging district staff members to work with local groups to allow students the opportunity to do nutrition-related volunteer work.

Healthy Places

  • The final goal of Healthy People 2020 is to "promote healthy places and environments."
  • SPS furthers this goal by making sure that cafeterias remain neat, clean, healthy, and friendly.