The History Of The TaJ Mahal.

by: Vanessa P

The Taj Mahal is a vast and special building. It was built by shah jahan. people say, that at different times of the day the building changes color! The Taj Mahal attracts many tourists, and its still standing today.

Why Was The Taj Mahal Built?

Emperor Shah Jahan a beautiful wife and 14 kids. He loved them very much. But unfortunately, his wife died giving birth to the youngest child. So, in honor of his wife he built the Taj Mahal.

some examples of the Taj Mahal are:

How It Looks And How It Was Built

The Taj Mahal is one of the most glamorous buildings in the world. It took more than 22,000 people to build it! All four sides are identical, and it was built exactly out of white marbles. It is at the cost of 32 million rubies.

Why Do So Many Tourists Go There?

This major tourist attraction attracts many tourists. Why? You ask. Well i already think you know why. Because it was built long ago and it very unique. Sadly some of the work on it has fallen off, due to bad weather. Still, this place is practically the most incredible, view. Tourists all over the world run to see it.
The Taj Mahal was finally completed in 1648. This place is now represented as "The Jewel of Muslim Art." Wouldn't you want to go and see it for yourself!?