"Nate the Great"

My Summer

My summer was packed full into what I needed to to prep for college and my future, but on the way I had some fun times. I visited The Citadel and Appalachian State for Wrestling camp, and I attended the Coast Guard Academy, in New London, Connecticut, for the AIM(Academy Introduction Mission) program. On the way to The Coast Guard Academy I traveled through 7 states. I also experienced my first long flight on an airplane. I spent my birthday in New London, Connecticut at the Coast Guard Academy being yelled at. I was gone from home the whole month of July expect for 5 days. I also took a vacation to Clearwater, Florida. I spent the free time I had trout fishing, riding dirt bikes, working, and spending all the time I could with Laura.


I am a Wrestler. I work at Sweet Frog. I like to fish, hike, hunt, ride dirt bikes, snowboard, camp, and just be outside. I love the mountains. I like food but I have to cut weight for wrestling for days and not eat anything, so it doesn't bother me.



I really enjoy science. I feel that there is always something new to learn. It isn't like math or English, the same criteria being taught each year, there is always something new being discovered in science to learn about. I have taken Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry in previous years and really enjoyed each class and all the teachers.