Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

A world heritage-listed site

Ha Long Bay is a series of many small isalands located in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage-listed site and shows a great intrest to tourists around the globe. The mainland of Vietnam is heavily populated with many towns and villages.


Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is a world heritage-listed site. The mainland in Ha Long Bay is heavily populated whilst Cat Ba island (near by Ha Long Bay) is sparsely populated. The water around the small islands are always full of tourists boats which has always taken a great interest for tourists since it is a world heritage-listed site and of the beauty of nature that it shows. The area of Ha Long Bay also shows a great interest in biologist's because of it's scenic beauty. Ha Long Bay is developed the way it is today because it is known as a world heritage-listed site and is popular to many tourists that come from all over the world.


Ha Long Bay is located in the gulf of Tonkin which is within the Quang Ninh Province in the north-east of Vietnam which is 165 km away from the capitol of Ha Noi. Ha Long Bay has been influenced by the French as well as the Chinese who have chosen to live around Ha Long Bay. In Vietnam, legend has it that the islands of Ha long Bay were created by a great dragon who lived in the mountains meaning " where the dragon descends into the sea." Ha Long bay is developed the way it is today because of the history behind this location as well as for the Vietnam war.


Ha Long Bay is made up of spectacular limestome pillars and is apart of a mature karst environment. Karst landscapes are formed by the chemical weathering of rocks which are rich in calcium carbonate (chalk) and forms uniqe weather patternsn. Ha Long Bay is a world heritage site because of its location area of high tourism, marine transport, fisheries and the daily activties of the residents of Vietnam.


Ha Long Bay has a long history of politics from various dynasties as well as feuds with neighbouring coastal people, communism and the vietnam war in the 1960's/1970's (where river areas still have mines planted by the U.S Navy). The political history of Ha Long Bay have all made impacts on the people and the environment of the region.

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