Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Week 9 Resources

Recently I discovered that it is impossible to download or print embedded

documents ("Scribd" docs) from this website.

I am currently in the process of remedying this by using "Box" to re-embed these documents. If you detect other problems please let me know and I will rectify them.

Sharon Tooney has shared some more excellent English resources

Plus Maths resources

Are you looking for a something new and novel for singing?

I have converted some of my powerpoints to MP4 and embedded them at

Capertee Singing or here. They are lots of fun and a great way to integrate Reading.

Sing along to the examples are in this "smore". Additional songs will be added.

Great discussion starters or descriptive writing - The Secret Door - Step Through!

Digital Passport App - to support the teaching of digital citizenship

65 Ways To Use Thinklink - Thinglink is a great Web 2.0 tool

Celebrating Culture Weebly - L Chase - a fantastic Aboriginal Studies website

Community Snapshots Workshop - L Chase - Fantastic ideas to support a Parent Technology Workshop

Powerpoints to excite writing - More resources will be added soon.

Fun Roll Call interactive power points -great for ES1 and Year 1

Happy holidays!