The Area 51 conspiracy theorie

By: Michael Kerner 5/6/2016

Who , What , Where ,When, Why

Area 51 Was Built in 1956 & was primarily made for military use only.

its located in Las Vegas , Nevada

It was first discovered that more then JUST military personal were allowed access to this now a government secret location.

Many think that alien space ships are being reused for modern day technology or things for the future we have yet to discover

Paragraph #1

It is the United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base , within the Nevada test and training Range.

Area 51 arose in 1989 When a LAS Vegas Man claimed that he had worked at a secret facility where he saw the remains of crashed "alien" space crafts and little green men.

The Facility history though dates back to 1955 and the government never really gave hints or access behind closed doors. Mainly the CIA and the government knows how exactly Area 51 one came to be.

Many people think that aliens and unidentified things and objects are being held there from the public because there concern for the safety of the people if the news were to really get out to the public.

Perspective #1

The media is int the neutral zone when it comes to talking about area 51.

In a Press Conference with the CIA in 2012 , A civilian Historian on Area 51 stated jokingly that" he cant confirm or deny that there are any secrets withheld from the president & government. "

Many say it was opened on March 16 , 2012 back when it was still Officially a secret to the public.

For may civilians they have mixed views on the whole thing , while some people are die hard crazy about it and will go through whatever to get just the tinniest access to the Facility

Perspective #2

Workers at Area 51 have had to endure difficult conditions since the earliest days of the facility.

Many former workers of Area 51 have always had something they have never understood or told anyone but still cant figure out alone.

Like some may see something in the sky and claim " its a UFO" but people from Area 51 Claim " civilians are seeing a weather balloon used by the united states military


Area 51 newspaper article

The military made up a cover story and stated the U2 spy plane was what people said was a flying saucer .
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Historical Criticism

I think it is historical because many many people have different views on the subject matter itself, but the main argument now a days is why was it such a "secret for so long" and why have so many government people made cover ups to hide whats really there. its changed over time and many believe that more and more tests and secrets are going on at area 51

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