Student Survey Information

December 2017

Student Survey Information

We have started to gather data from our student and parent surveys that were completed earlier this year. We had an overwhelming amount of students requests help with how to check their emails, grades, and how to study. I have requested the help of Mr. Gode from our district technology department who has spent several days in classrooms teaching these skills. It is important that parents help and reinforce these skills at home. Work with your child to use their phone calendars for due dates and appointments. Today's student has too much to remember alerts on their phones are helpful. Below are some Apps that would be helpful for your child to start using their phones or tablets for school.
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When our children were babies we immediately started teaching them life skills how to eat, walk, use the restroom, swim,...but sometimes with teens it is easier to just do the chore to avoid the battle. During middle school is a great time to start giving your child more responsibilities at home. If your child is not use to doing chores its ok to start small. For example, have them make their beds and clear their floors of all clothing, toys, trash every morning. With having two boys and I haven't pumped my own gas or carried groceries in my house in years. When my sons entered 6th grade they learned to do their own laundry, that took some practice and an important note taped on the washer that says "wash everything in cold." My oldest learned a valuable lesson at 19 when he I was unable to answer the phone when he had a flat tire. When I finally called him back he told he had watched a you tube on how to change a tire. I did send triple AAA to come out and help him. However, to my surprise he had it almost done when they got there. Independence is a gift that we can give our children. Below are some links that are great resources for parents about the importance of chores.

Summer Opportunities:

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Study Skills Program: More than a “study skills class,” Student Success helps your student use active and research-based approaches to improve executive functions and associated learning difficulties. During each session, your student will learn how to use structured problem-solving to begin to take control of his or her future!