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Mark Remley and Horse Shows

Mark Remley

Mark Remley was a man who admired horses, and whose wife spurred him to love them with a passion. Their grace and beauty in the speed and strength of their movements were artistry in his eyes, and he wanted to share that artistry with the world. And so Mark Remley’s production company, Equustria, began preparing for Valitar, a beautiful portrayal of the grace and power of horses combined with the athleticism and skill of humans.

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Mark Remley: Mountaineering Tips

Mark Remley is a mountaineering enthusiast, and has spent many a day taking on the challenge of an imposing ascent up a steep and relatively unknown mountain face. He appreciates both the mental and physical challenges involved with mountaineering, as well as the potential rewards available to the mountaineer, regardless of the skill level or experience.

Mountaineering can pose a serious physical fitness challenge to even the most athletic of individuals. Below, Mark Remley seeks to share several tips to mountaineering beginners, working to better prepare those new to the sport.


Mountaineering, as Mark Remley knows, involves many different aspects, making it necessary for the participant to study up on the activity, and in many cases, to seek out the advice and support of a proven professional or expert. Consider booking your first adventure with a known expert.


Preparing your route, understanding the mountain and packing all of the necessary gear is without question one of the most important things you can do prior to your next ascent. Take the time, says Mark Remley, to properly prepare and plan for your trip, and to locate and/or purchase all the necessary equipment before setting out.

The Importance of Footwear

Mountaineering is done mostly on your feet, and can place a significant amount of stress on your feet and legs. It’s necessary to invest in the right pair of mountaineering boots, says Mark Remley, and to make sure your boots will be able to withstand the many different elements and aspects of mountaineering.

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Mark Remley: Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon competitions, as Mark Remley knows, can be one of the most grueling and challenging activities a person will ever partake in, testing the physical and mental limitations of even the most athletic and committed of individuals. As Remley knows, there is nothing quite like competing in a triathlon, making it important to be adequately prepared for the race’s numerous potential struggles and obstacles.

Mark Remley provides several basic things every first-time triathlete should focus on during the training process.

Shorter Before Longer

As you begin training for your first triathlon, says Mark Remley, focus on shorter events, such as smaller running, swimming and cycling distances before taking on something significant. Build up endurance through gradual increases in time and length during each event.

Keep It Close

Reduce the stress and hassle of triathlon training, says Mark Remley, by training and competing in events that are closer to home. Seek out events or staging areas that are easily accessible and as short a distance away as possible. Making your training schedule as easy and hassle-free on yourself as possible helps to encourage you to stick with it for the long haul.

Workout on Your Own Bike

It isn’t necessary, as Mark Remley knows, to go out and purchase an expensive bicycle to train on for your first triathlon. Your own bicycle should work just fine, and can provide you the chance to train your body inexpensively and with fewer hassle. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with changing flats and making basic bicycle repairs before entering your first race.

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Mark Remley: Horseback Safety Basics

Horseback riding is a fun activity, though there are also inherent risks that every rider must be aware of, and prepared for, in order to minimize the possibility of injury, and to get the most from the riding experience. As an experienced horseback rider and enthusiast, Mark Remley understands how important it is to protect yourself during a ride, and to be prepared for any possibility, particularly when riding alone.

Below, Mark Remley shares several of what he considers the basics of horseback riding safety, ways both you and your family can ensure a more secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Safety Equipment

Mark Remley recommends locating and wearing the proper safety gear before taking on a ride on your horse. At the minimum, he says, a rider should be equipped with an approved riding helmet and the most appropriate footwear, though such things as safety vests high-visibility clothing can also help others locate you following an accident.

Share Info With Others

Be sure to tell others where you’re going and how you’re getting there before setting off on your next ride. As Mark Remley knows, it’s important that loved ones understand your riding itinerary, as well as the area you’re riding to and through, before you set out. No one seeks out an accident, says Remley, but it’s good to know that someone will be looking for you in case of emergency.

Stick to the Original Route

Though it’s important to tell others where you’re going, says Mark Remley, it would be virtually pointless to do so without the intention to stick with the original riding plan. Don’t veer off the trail or planned route, particularly if you’ve told others where you’re going.

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Gearing Up For Boarding: Mark Remley

Mark Remley isn’t just an accomplished businessman and well-known San Diego professional. He is also an experienced snowboarder, and takes advantage of any opportunity he has to hit the slopes and enjoy another day of fresh powder and fast-paced cruising down the mountain.

As an experienced boarder, Mark Remley understands how important it is to be prepared for any contingency, and to take any necessary precautions to ensure your day on the slopes is as incident and injury free as possible. He shares several of boarding’s safety basics below.

The Right Gear

The first thing any boarder should do, regardless of the skill level, is have the gear needed to stay healthy, warm and protected during a day of shredding. As Mark Remley knows, it’s crucial to have a quality helmet, comfortable bindings and boots, well-fitting sunglasses and goggles, and the most appropriate skill-level board with you before you jump on the lift.


Such things as water, snacks, lip balm, sunscreen and more should be on your person before you head down the mountain. So your best to avoid the possibility of dehydration, sunburn, lack of energy and more, says Mark Remley, before you commit to the next boarding adventure.

Practice Practice Practice

Snowboarding, much like any other strenuous or potentially dangerous activity, says Mark Remley, requires a substantial amount of practice before getting to the level you need to be to better enjoy the sport. Commit yourself to the hard work and instruction needed to get yourself to the most appropriate skill level.

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Mark Remley and Developing an Interest in Horsemanship

Mark Remley had always had somewhat of a mild interest in horses, and in equestrianism, though he had never really pursued this interest until he met his wife Tatyana. An experienced equestrian and competitor, Tatyana Remley had enjoyed the opportunity to participate in numerous competitive equestrian events, including driving teams, cattle sorting and barrel racing, and her passion for horses proved to be highly contagious.

Mark Remley grew a deeper passion and appreciation for equestrianism, and horses, shortly after meeting his wife, something that has continued to grow and blossom throughout their relationship. This passion became so strong, in fact, that it eventually led to the couple’s brainchild, Valitar, which quickly became one of the most amazing spectacles to ever hit the world of entertainment.

Mark Remley enjoyed the opportunity to share the splendor, beauty and athleticism of these amazing animals with the rest of the world, and to create something magical that would forever be in the minds of people not only in San Diego, but throughout the world. Mark Remley threw himself into the production of this incredible event not only to show people his appreciation for equines, but to also demonstrate their amazing potential as a species and as one of the animal kingdom’s most graceful, intelligent and inspiring animals.

Both Mark Remley and his wife created something entirely unexpected and unrivaled, an event filled with magic, talent and majesty that has left an indelible and enduring imprint on people’s lives. This wouldn’t have been possible, as he knows, without an appreciation and passion for one of nature’s greatest creations.

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Mark Remley’s Keys to Success

San Diego businessman Mark Remley has become known for his work on the horse show Valitar, produced through his company Equustria. For Mark Remley, success in show business could be boiled down to the presence of a few important qualities. The keys for success in Valitar included:

· Variety: There were 55 horses used in the show, and the majority of them were of distinct breeds. This wide variety in horses lent to the beauty of the show in much the same way hundreds of different colored tiles come together to make a beautiful mosaic.

· Talented performers: The acrobats who joined Valitar included some internationally acclaimed talents, and bringing them all together in one show made for an amazing spectacle. Having a full cast of talented performers is a privilege many shows and productions cannot boast, and one area in which Valitar surpasses rival shows.

· Effective Trainers: Any production that uses horses also requires that trainers be on set to guide and control the horses if necessary. The horses that performed in Valitar were studies of coordination, power, and grace. Their moves were precise and perfectly placed, and all routines were perfectly executed. This is a testament to the intelligence of the horses and clear evidence of the effectiveness of their trainers.

· Proper Venue: Mark Remley produced Valitar in the San Diego area with the goal of providing new entertainment to the community. For the show, Mark Remley obtained a 45,000 square foot Big Top tent, certainly one of the largest free standing tents that can be purchased or rented.

By ensuring a show has all of the above qualities, one can greatly improve the chances for success.

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Mark Remley: How to Have a Successful Show

Mark Remley learned long ago how to be a successful businessman. He has started several companies and built them up to great success, consistently improving the quality of the businesses and increasing their value. When it comes to producing a horse show, Mark Remley found that some of the rules for success were the same as those he had lived by throughout his career. A few of Mark Remley’s rules for success are listed below:

· Have a vision: Every great accomplishment, whether it is the formation of a business, the production of a play, the writing of a novel, or the painting of a masterpiece, begins as a dream. Mark Remley had a dream and a clear vision of how to make his dream a reality. No matter how much effort, money, and time one puts into a project, without a good vision it will never reach its potential.

· Seek out veterans: In every job one attempts, there will always be someone who knows more about the job or can do it better. If a producer has good ideas of how to direct a production, he or she would be much better off hiring an experienced and talented director. Hiring people who are the best at what they do means the producer doesn’t have to worry whether everyone else is doing their jobs properly.

· Take Risks: Mark Remley did not know whether his dream for Valitar would ever come true, but he was willing to take the risk and ended up making a spectacular show. Risks may pay off or they may not, but no matter what they will always have a lesson to teach.

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Mark Remley: Lessons Learned from Valitar

For Mark Remley, Valitar was the culmination of hard work and dedication to a dream. Mark Remley dreamed he could produce a horse show that would bring a new level of entertainment to San Diego, something the city had never before seen and its citizens were craving. Through the time and energy he spent working on producing Valitar, Mark Remley learned several things about show business, professional horsemanship, and the logistics of producing a horse show. A few of Mark Remley’s lessons are listed below:

· Attend veteran shows: Whether planning a horse show, an acrobatic routine, or a circus, see what has been done by people before you. Get a good idea of what works and doesn’t work by attending different shows, and pay attention to qualities or aspects of the show you would like to emulate.

· Surround yourself with professionals: Even if it is your first time ever producing a show, you can still be successful if you rely on the professionals you hire to work with you. Good directors, trainers, and performers usually have experience working on shows and in the public eye. By hiring the best, you can expect to have a good show even if it’s your first.

· Know your horses: If you have little or no knowledge about horses, you should not produce a horse show. Even if you rely on others to handle all the technical aspects of the production, a good horse show should be produced by someone who knows and loves horses. This way they can be an active participant in choosing horses and planning the show.

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The Rise of a Horse Show Producer: Mark Remley

Mark Remley was a successful San Diego businessman with a beautiful wife, nice cars, and a passion for horses. This last quality was perhaps influenced by his wife, Tatyana Remley, who had been riding horses from a very young age. Her training and experience in several different styles of riding gave her a technical appreciation and introduced Mark Remley to the world of professional horsemanship.

From watching the way the animals moved through their routines and performed feats of dexterity and precision, Mark Remley’s admiration for horses deepened. He found their power and coordination awe-inspiring, and wanted to share what he saw as pure artistry with audiences everywhere. His passion for horsemanship was so great that eventually Mark Remley and Tatyana decided to produce a horse show.

Their production, called Valitar, featured more than 55 horses of distinct breeding in addition to 25 performers. The performers were hugely talented acrobats and riders who carried out impressive and dangerous aerobatic stunts that were combined with the stunts and routines of the horses below. Altogether, the show was a visual spectacle that combined the talents of some of the best horses, trainers, and performers in the world.

To make his dream become the impressive reality that it was, Mark Remley travelled around the world, using his business experience to talk with and learn from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable horsemen. He was able to find some of the best acrobats, riders, horses, and trainers from countries all over the globe and bring them all back to the San Diego area. Combining his work and passion, Mark Remley was able to make his dream come true.

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Mark Remley: Qualities of a Successful Businessman

Before Mark Remley became the producer of one of the most ambitious horse shows ever imagined, he was a highly successful San Diego businessman. He had started several businesses, building them up and helping them grow into more successful and more valuable assets. Evidence of Mark Remley’s success can be seen in his many real estate properties and his excellent taste in cars. But Mark Remley is not alone in his success: there are many highly successful people in the world, and Mark Remly has noted that there are certain traits they all share. The following are a few of the traits common to successful people, as noted by Mark Remley:

· A dream: All successful people have a goal they are striving for, a dream they are trying to turn into a reality. These goals might be as simple as selling the most cars at a dealership or as complex as running a multinational corporation.

· Passion: The key to success is to chase after your dreams, to hold on to them so tightly that you will make them come true. No matter how bad circumstances may appear or how difficult it becomes to realize your dream, there is a passion that will never let you give up.

· Trust: Goals are always achieved more quickly or as satisfactorily when the burden is shared among many. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized that he could not fight for Civil Rights by himself, and so he trusted others to support the cause using their gifts and talents.

· Confidence: You will never achieve your goals if you don’t believe in yourself.

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Mark Remley and His Equestrian Dreams

When Mark Remley first watched a horse in action, he admired the grace and power of the majestic creature. It could move so lightly on its four legs, despite its enormous size and strength, and every movement was precise, smooth, and perfectly coordinated. As he grew older that admiration deepened, and when he met his wife, her passion for horses inspired his own. Tatyana Remley had always loved horses, and had learned all different forms of riding at a young age. From Tatyana, Mark Remley was introduced into the many different forms of professional horsemanship.

He was so impressed with what he saw that he wanted others to see and recognize the beauty he had witnessed. Mark Remley wanted an audience to experience the awe at watching well-trained horses execute perfectly timed and coordinated moves, and to appreciate the utter grace with which the horses moved.

Mark Remley began planning a horse show. With the help of an experienced director Mark and Tatyana soon had the beginnings of Valitar. The show which was to become one of the most elaborate shows in the equestrian world began as little more than a desire for the world to know the beauty of horses.

Mark Remley went to great lengths to produce Valitar, travelling across the world and talking with horse experts, trainers, riders, and professional horsemen of every stripe. Mark Remley hired some of the best and brought them back with him to San Diego, along with 40 unique and beautiful horses and several acrobats and riders with incredible athleticism. The show was soon to become a masterpiece.
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The Nonprofit Partner of Mark Remley and Equustria

There is a nonprofit organization that has been in operation for the past 42 years. It was founded in 1972 in the Rancho Santa Fe area of California by caring animal enthusiast and philanthropist and some friends, and has been serving the San Diego metropolitan area ever since. They have served over 40,000 families and pets over the years, and have a large animal hospital from which they can care for horses. It was this connection to horses and the center’s good reputation that made Mark Remley consider them as a partner for his production of Valitar.

Ever since the founder was a young girl, she lived with and near animals. Her family had a cow in the backyard of their Los Angeles home. Once she was married, the founder, her husband, and their two daughters had several dogs and made their home as dog friendly as possible. She envisioned not the creation of an animal shelter, where animals would be dropped off when no one wanted them, but instead a community center.

The high-quality animal center is a place where people and animals are brought together to help and learn from each other. The center offers educational programs, adoption programs, and a variety of other services to help the people of the community better care for the animals around them. Mark Remley recognized the good the center was doing for the San Diego area and subsequently made sure they would receive a portion of the money from every ticket sale for Valitar. Given the scope of the show, Mark Remley feels the partnership has fruitful prospects.

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Mark Remley and the Care of Large Animals

Mark Remley’s admiration for horses grew over the years to a passion for horsemanship and all it entailed. This can be partly attributed to his wife, Tatyana Remley, who had been riding horses her entire life. She had a passion for the animals and she was experienced in a number of different riding styles and circumstances. She could ride in the western style, sort cattle, and drive teams of horses, but she was also accomplished in dressage and show jumping.

Her enthusiasm was contagious, and Mark Remley soon wanted to show the world the grace and power he had discovered from watching horses. He decided to produce the show Valitar with his company, Equustria, and began making all the preparations. One of these preparations was to partner with a San Diego animal care organization.

This animal center was established in 1972 in the Rancho Santa Fe region, and has been serving families and pets from that area and the San Diego community for 42 years. They are not an animal shelter, but rather a community center meeting the needs of parents, pets, and children. Given the founder’s long association with horses and experience with horse medicine, Mark Remley was making a wise decision in partnering with the center.

For their part, the center stood to benefit greatly from this partnership. A portion of all ticket sales were pledged to the center, specifically to fund its Equine and Large Animal Hospital and its Therapeutic Rider Program. Because of the organization’s service to the community for such a long time and their dedication to the health of all animals, including horses, the benefits from these tickets are well deserved.

Mark Remley - Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Having passion for an idea is a great thing to possess, but without a commitment to hard work or the dedication to see it through, rarely will it become anything more than a dream. Successful entrepreneur Mark Remley knows that turning your passion into something real, something that could impact and potentially change the world, is no easy task, but that with the application of a lot of hard work, a little perseverance and trust in the right people, anyone can take the steps needed to realize their idea’s fullest potential.

Mark Remley, co-founder of the Signal Corporation, has vested much of his time, energy, money and even life into the foundations and construction of a successful business. Though he faced many challenges along the way, Remley was always enthusiastic about meeting those challenges head on, as well as preparing himself for the potential of obstacle and difficulty that are all-too-common occurrences in the entrepreneurial community. Transforming your vision into a company, something that creates something tangible, unique and profitable, takes the commitment not only of yourself, but also of people you know share your passion and your desire to see it succeed.

Taking an idea to the next level, as Mark Remley, requires nothing less than your best effort, and you will most likely face considerable challenges along the way. Not only must you not become disheartened by the potential of failure, you must face your hurdles with enthusiasm, and continue to demonstrate your commitment and your love for your idea and your company every step of the way

Mark Remley - Best Places to Snowboard in the United States

Snowboarding has quickly become a favorite activity of Mark Remley, who finds nothing quite as exciting or heart-pounding as racing his board down a snowy ski slope. A skilled boarder with years of experience, Remley has come to adopt boarding as a wintertime sport of choice, and is enthusiastic about discovering new mountains and new opportunities during every boarding season.

Below, Mark Remley shares some of his favorite places in the United States to let it loose and “shred the gnar.”

Breckinridge, CO

There is a reason may elite winter athletes, both skiers and boarders, continue to call the town of Breckinridge home. Breckinridge Ski Resort offers boarders of all skill levels and experience the chance to display their skill on straight downhill runs, half-pipes and courses, all of which provide numerous opportunities for practice, challenge and thrill. Open bowl boarding and incredibly challenging runs are available throughout Breckinridge resort, home to numerous professional competitions and boarding championships.

Lake Tahoe, CA

No place offers the same quality panoramic view as Lake Tahoe, California, which is home to seven major ski resorts and experiences snowy conditions the entire year round! Larger than Breckinridge, Tahoe provides an endless variety of backcountry options for the snowboarder to explore, and is known for providing even the most seasoned of Tahoe traveler something completely different each time they visit. Boarders, says Mark Remley, will find incredibly epic turns, steeps and cliffs throughout the Tahoe area, and will never have the same experience twice.

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