Church Of The Nazarene

By Jerry Nguyen


  • It was organized in 1,905 in Lenexa , Kansas
  • it was founded by P.F. Bresee, C. B. Jernigan, C. W. Ruth
  • In 1,915 there were churchs in Japan,Africa,Mexico, and China
  • Currently there are 159 world wide areas


  • They believe in one god
  • Man is born with a fallen nature
  • Lord will return the dead, and final judgement will take place
  • The old and new testments contain all truth for christan living


  • They worship on Sunday
  • They worship as a service to god
  • And they worship in church


  • They have over 2.250 million followers world wide
  • And about 350,000
  • Church of the Nazarene is a christian faith
  • Over 1.4 million people attended to worship weekly