Pamlico Sound

Angelina Robleto

Our estuary is the best!

The Pamlico Sound streches from the borders of Manteo all the way to the Cape Lookout National Seashore, making it the largest estuary in North Carolina. The Pamlico Sound is the mother of many habitats. It's nurseries and shellfish beds are important to over 75 species of fish and shellfish. Also, estuaries help combat erosion and the flooding of the mainland.

Animals And Plants

Threats To The Pamlico Sound

Many threats face the Pamlico Sound today, it is receiving excessive nutrients from many different sources such as, fertilizer that has run off of lawns or farms. Global warming has taken it's toll and is causing sea levels to rise which leads to more erosion. Toxic waste and substances are ending up in this estuary, harming humans and organisms.