CPC: Oct.14, 2015

Discussions & Data

Video: Sub Across Zeroes

Watch Bridget's video and give feedback

Password: Regroup


Greg Tang- Subtraction Across Zeroes article

Keep for planning for the week of October 26

Unit Two: ADDITION TO 1,200 Data

* input student responses onto DMAC within first 48 hours of test

*For answer documents- check for stray marks and return within 24 hours

Students can practice bubbling during Daily Review (see handout)

*Next C.C.A for Unit Three is on Friday, October 30- we will use answer documents.

Math D.C.A is on Tuesday, December 1.

Student Responses

SE Tutorial



What were some of the common errors?

Continue with HW, EDC, DR?

Spiral review-update

Garner and Sanders- I will come by this week:)

Garner-Scoot Game

Greg Tang


Word Problem Generator

Funny Numbers-HW w/ family

Website: Games