Glenealy School Newsletter

3rd September 2020

Message from Chris

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It has been another busy week for our learners. Across the school children are building great relationships with their teaching teams. It has been great to see children enjoying their learning.

Our recent survey of children in Years 3-6 tells us that they feel very supported by their teachers and many are enjoying the home learning experience.It also demonstrated that many children are looking forward to coming back to school. As a teaching team we are all looking forward to getting children back on site and, thanks to the EDB announcement last week, this much anticipated return is going to happen by the end of the month.

Return to School Plans - Update

We were extremely happy to receive the exciting news that we will soon be able to bring children back to school - I am certain our families welcomed this news.

I am pleased to write to you today to provide an indication of arrangements for our return. All plans are subject to submission to, and liaison with, the EDB. I write to you today with our planning to keep you informed about our intentions.

Our planning and intention is to ensure we can welcome all children back to the school site, every morning, from the 29th September onwards. We are planning to teach children in all year groups for 4 hours each morning ‘on site’ before children then travel home for lunch. After lunch we would then extend the learning experience at home for a further 1.5 hours each afternoon.

Not having lunch on the school site is an important factor in ensuring we can meet the EDB and CHP requirements whilst returning all 360 children back to site at the same time. Each day children will connect with their teaching team at home for the afternoon session.

In order to bring this plan to life we are working hard to adjust our classrooms, systems and timetables to maximise onsite learning for all.

We are also working on plans for a ‘phased return’ where it will be possible to bring some year groups back to the school site prior to the 29th September. Please note that the above plan is subject to change, depending on EDB liaison, advice and guidance.

As soon as we have completed our liaison with EDB and have confirmation that we can proceed with our plans, I will be able to write to you with specific details about a phased return, and a full timetable for our approach.

It is imperative that we keep our children safe, whilst ensuring they have the best quality blended on-site and off-site learning experience as possible. We will do all we can to make this happen within the expected EDB and CHP guidelines.

I would like to thank parents for their feedback and support over the start of the year, which have all gone into informing our planning to try to get the best blended approach possible for our children and families.

Parent Zoom Sessions

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting parents on Zoom tomorrow for our Meet the Teacher Parent Conferences. This early opportunity to meet your child’s class teacher will be a useful time to share information about your child’s learning, and for teachers to answer any questions you may have. You will have received by now the email regarding how to access the Zoom conference. Please join the Zoom conference at the time you selected on Gateway.

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with you to continue to build positive partnerships.

Parent Survey

Thank you to all our parents who have already completed the parent survey. It has been very helpful to receive your feedback on our distance learning approach. We are always seeking to reflect upon and improve our approaches. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please do so by clicking on the link here.

I look forward to writing to you next week with further information about our return to the school site. In the meantime, I hope our families have a great end of the week and the weekend beyond.

Best regards,