Could YOU Do It?

My Experience Going 24 Hours Without Using Social Media

24 hours, 1 day. Didn’t seem like much to me without going or posting on social media, a challenge we were given in Language Arts class. This challenge to me honestly seemed like a piece of cake, until I actually had to do it. As terrible as it sounds, I couldn’t do a whole day! Not because I was so desperate to post statuses, pictures or see what everyone else was up to, but because I realized that clicking on the Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat application on my phone had become a voluntary motion for me. I’d unknowingly go on to Twitter, start scrolling through my timeline, and then remember the challenge and quickly get off. It was like this for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat as well, I couldn’t believe it. I did however catch myself every time I was about to post something, so I got that far! This little experiment was a true eye opener, technology and social media controls our lives! I’m definitely going to focus more on not being so consumed in my phone and on social media. It’s sad that if you really aren’t careful, you could really end up on the internet for hours without even realizing it. Technology is always improving and new sites and apps are always coming out for our entertainment and, what we don’t want to admit, sometimes out undivided attention. I challenge you all to try and go a full day without using social media, you may be surprised at the results. Could you do it?