Making Windows 8.1 Easy

Tips , Tricks and Lots of Resources

Welcome to the Windows 8.1 World

In this flyer you will find several videos, handouts and fact sheets to help you use your new machine effectively.

Ten Quick Tutorials on How to Use Windows 8.1

Click here for a collection of easy to follow videos from Microsoft that will help you answer any questions you may have.


Touch, Tap, Swipe--What is the difference?

Click on this link to find what it means to swipe, tap, or touch. These are just a few of the ways you can interect with your Windows 8.1 machine.

The Windows Key

The Windows key is a quick and easy way to get back and forth from the Start Page to your desktop. Below are also some quick keyboard shortcuts.

The App Store

Lots of Apps to look at! Scroll down to the Popular Categories and you will find the Education Tab. Lots to look at here. Click here to visit the store. Remember you will need your Microsoft Account information here.

Installing Your Apps

When you add Apps they are automatically placed on the second page of the Start Screen. To access them place your finger at the top of the page and swipe up. You will see a complete list of Apps that are on your machine. You can leave them there or add them to the main page. To do so you will need to pin them to the start menu. To do this swipe up from the bottom to access the customize menu. Tap or right click on the desired app to select it . Then tap or click on the "pin it to the start menu" tab.