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Weddings sure are a bonding phase for both the couple and their families. And while weddings are a beautiful journey of happiness, planning one can be a stressful path. We take you through quick tips and tricks of planning that wedding in just a swift, so browse on to get your wedding planned and set.

Location, Location,Location

If you’re planning a superfast wedding, your venue is the most important thing to get booked first, because a lot of popular places will already be booked up. This goes for both the ceremony and reception venues, regardless of whether you are having a religious or civil ceremony. This is one of the most important tip for planning a superfast weddings, as it’s no good having your dress, rings and photographer all ready to go without a venue booked.

Have A TO-DO List

If you’re doing everything at the last minute, you’re more likely to forget something. Make sure you’ve got a list of all the things that you need to organize, and tick them off as you go. The worst thing possible would be to realise the night before that you don’t have a cake or a DJ!

Invitations Get Set Go!

When planning a wedding on a short timescale, it’s very important to send out your invitations are early as possible in order to give guests as much notice as you can. If there’s a delay in getting the invitations out for any reasons, tell people the date beforehand so they can keep it free.

Budget Proof

One of the risks of organising a superfast wedding is that you can rush into things and not think about whether you can really afford it. You’ll also have a lot more costs all at once, rather than more spread out, so work out your budget and stick to it. This is definitely one of the most important tips for planning a superfast wedding

Be Decisive

If you’re working to a tight deadline, it’s more important than usual to be decisive. If you waste a week trying to decide between this venue and that venue, they could both be booked up by the time you’ve made a decision. If you like something and it offers what you need, then just go for it.

Quality All The Way!

Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean that you should choose things you’re not happy with. Don’t give in to the pressure of the deadline by settling for things you don’t like because you’ll regret it later. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate with venues, shops, and anyone you’re purchasing anything from to get exactly what you want. It doesn’t matter how quickly you’ve organized your big day, you should enjoy it.

Planning a superfast wedding needs you to be sure of what you need and take quick decisions. It is your big day and it need not be in a rush but if it has to be, then just quickly browse through these master pointers to have it all setup for you.

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The Invisible Wedding Baggage

Weddings entail the union of a couple and more so, the getting together of two families. While weddings are fun and a time for families to be a part of celebrations that are treasured for a lifetime, it also gets in the package of family tensions. Dealing with these tensions can get tiresome but again you don’t want to spoil your special day handling tensions and tantrums. So, here are some ways to handle all that package of family tensions.

Talk…Talk And Talk….

There is nothing that cannot be resolved with talking. So, choose to talk to family members of concern beforehand and share your worries, dos and don’ts. It is your special day and your family members will definitely not want to spoil it for you, so go ahead and talk it out. Be sure to sort things out in advance as you don’t want discussions and concerns last minute to pop up and add to your already existing wedding worries.

Ease Out…

With weddings come a bonding phase and this is definitely the right time to patch up any differences that may be. However, it is probably best to avoid forcing people to mend their relations in the name of the wedding. You need to ease out and make sure you are not pushing things on people as relationships are very critical and need a lot of care to be understood. Let the time take care of it and don’t let it pressurise you on your special day.

Divide And Rule

Dividing your duties among family members is of utmost important to carry on your day smoothly. You need to clearly bifurcate work, so there is no member creating confusion or no two members working on same things. If you lay the rules straight, it will only avoid future mix-up in work, since you know that you need all your family and their help during this time.

Positive Thinking

Fill in positivity around you as that is the only thing that can keep you going through it all. Never assume bad situations as they are not going to do you any good and will only add more unwanted pressures and disharmony. Think positive and positive is what you will get as the outcome for the day.

Make Right Decisions

To avoid making the wrong decisions, it is best to choose a close family member to also make decisions for you. Wedding might have you all worked up, so you can also choose someone elderly like your mom or dad to make decisions on your behalf. This in turn would also mean that any conflicts that might arise on the decisions would be handled by them alone.

Plan It Out….

Planning is the only thing that will take you offshore with a smooth wedding. Although, we do not suggest that there would be no last minute tensions as weddings take in a lot of planning but have equal amount of tensions. Planning in advance of what is and what might be and having a backup plan is the best way to handle and avoid any family drama on your wedding day. Talk over your options with family and friends to make sure you have all the plans in place that will help you handle all situations properly.

It is one of the biggest day of your life and to keep family tensions at bay, is the least one could ask for, in order to truly revel in your day, so go ahead and simply do that while other things are taken care of. If you have forthcoming nuptials, then we wish you all the very best for your special day and beyond.

Wedmantra aggregates wedding planners, wedding venues, wedding decorators, photographers and videographers and wedding cards vendors on to one platform.